Why Non Big Name Players Will Win You Your League

why non big name players will win your league

Davante Adams, Odell Beckham, and Le’Veon Bell were all drafted at the top of their respective positions this year but have consistently underperformed. Their disappointment this year has left fantasy owners in a tough spot: do they trade the player they used their first or second round pick to build their team around to salvage their season or hold on and hope?

One of the biggest things that ruins a fantasy season is holding on to a player because of their past performance and the brand they have built around their name. Davante Adams was the top receiver in fantasy last year, but this year, the Packers offense is completely revamped with more reliance on the running game. The days of Adams getting over 100 yards and 1 touchdown every game are over. But guess who has been nearing those numbers this year?

Kenny Golladay. Many of you would be able to straight up trade Davante Adams for Kenny Golladay today simply based on Adams’ performance last year. While you might not feel as excited telling people Kenny Golladay is your best receiver, he’ll certainly help you win more games this year. I would recommend that Adams owners make a trade to acquire Golladay, or alternatively DJ Chark, Tyler Lockett, or Courtland Sutton, all players that are performing consistently well, but don’t have the same name brand of Adams. Many of those players you would be able to get in a package involving Adams leaving you with two solid players while getting rid of someone who will likely not return to his previous form.

Take Le’Veon Bell. While he has been able to see a good amount of volume this year, the Jets’ pathetic offensive line and failure to move the ball passing has kept him from breaking out.

While the Jets’ schedule does lighten up soon, I would use this as an opportunity to trade him.

Wait for Le’Veon to have a game where he actually scores a touchdown for once and then move him. You could probably make a deal in which you end up with a player like Chris Carson or Josh Jacobs, while you might not be able to trade Le’Veon straight up for Carson or Jacobs, their lack of relevance outside of fantasy should allow you to trade for them at a value much lower than they are actually worth.

In my league this year, the two best teams have been able to win not because of their first and second round picks, but because of players that they either drafted late or they picked up as free agents. The players that will win you your league this year are not Christian McCaffrey and Saquon Barkley (although they are both great players), but it will be DJ Chark, Tyler Lockett, Austin Hooper, Kenny Golladay, Josh Jacobs, and Courtland Sutton, all players who lack star power and therefore are undervalued.

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